Leah Sax

musician: sax, backing vocals, keys
Leah Sax

Leah is a high-energy, high-performing musician and band leader, specialising in live event performance.  She is known for her passion and on stage character and for a love of music, style and glamour.  

Leah loves getting an audience hyped and involved in the show and brings her full personality to the fore.  She doubles teaching sax, piano, clarinet and flute (and can still play a mean recorder).  

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Online Teaching: Sax, Piano, Clarinet & Harmony

Leah holds a Masters’ degree in music and has 15 years experience teaching music.  GET IN TOUCH BELOW FOR A LESSON TODAY.

Reading Music

If you’re a complete beginner or looking to improve your sight reading, Leah has the skills and expertise to help you improve.  From ABC to Mozart Leah will help you on your way!

Harmony & Theory

Want to be able to sit down and harmonise a pop song, or understand chords?  Want to understand key signatures?  Get the brain and ears working and things will finally make sense.

General Music

Want to know the difference between baroque and rock? How you can tell when music was composed, or just a great alternate sound world to get into?  The musical world is right here.

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